Agent 110 Reviews

“lively and engrossing” a “wonderful cast of characters.”

The Wall Street Journal

“It’s a story that sounds like a screenplay—but it’s all true.”

The New York Daily News

“absorbing and bracing” with “a colorful cast of supporting characters.”

The Seattle Times

A … “rapid-fire spy story…” “Entertaining for both its historical insights into WWII and its dramatic narrative.”


A “breath-catching narrative” with “wonderful details throughout.” “Miller…skillfully weaves a double narrative of Dulles’ machinations and those of the German resistance…”

The Booklist

“Scott Miller has produced a real-life spy thriller with Allen Dulles in the leading role, neutral Switzerland as the stage, and the fate of Nazi Germany’s brave but often hapless resisters hanging in the balance. Agent 110 is a truly mesmerizing tale, illuminating the shadow war during the big war—and signaling the opening act of the Cold War.”

—Andrew Nagorski, author of The Nazi Hunters and Hitlerland

“If you are interested in how the United States was transformed from a nation of “gentlemen do not read each other’s mail” to our current surveillance state—and who isn’t?—Scott Miller’s Agent 110 will astonish you. Told with verve and grounded in history, Miller’s narrative brings fresh and human details to the story of how we defeated the Nazis and swiftly entered the Cold War. The complex and flawed spymaster Allen Dulles is a compelling central character.”

—Kati Marton, author of True Believer and The Great Escape

Agent 110, set in Switzerland in the middle of World War II, has all the great ingredients of intrigue and suspense: spies, sex, traitors, heroes, even a famous psychiatrist, in a riveting narrative built around the plots to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Allen Dulles is a master spy to remember and Scott Miller’s book is a work of history one won’t forget.”

—Christopher Dickey, Foreign Editor, The Daily Beast

Agent 110 shows how the legendary spymaster Allen Dulles, who was the CIA’s longest-serving director, learned his craft in World War II with the Office the of Strategic Services. This is a gripping and suspenseful tale of how Dulles plotted against Nazi Germany, negotiated the surrender of German forces in Northern Italy and viewed the Soviet Union warily at the beginning of the Cold War in which he would lead the CIA. Agent 110 has nothing in common with James Bond. This book explains masterfully what real spies do and what Allen Dulles did.”

—Charles Pinck, President, The OSS Society, Inc.